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Nortel's Integrated
Communications Systems
are designed to
accommodate your
changing business
requirements as well as new
technological developments.
Some of the ways they
accomplish this are through:

High bandwidth to the
VoIP Telephony-ready;
Modular, scalable
Digital technology.

When you choose a Nortel
MICS for your business, you
choose the features you
want now, secure in the
knowledge that your phone
system will grow with you as
your business needs
Norstar MICS Phone System - NT7B53
Computer-Telephony Integration

Bring the power of your most-used business tools together-your computer and your telephone-so you can manage all your communications right from your desktop. You can get, use, move, and access information faster than ever before.

CTI is changing the way business works by significantly reducing repetitive tasks so your employees will work smarter, while reducing 800/888 line charges by handling customer calls more quickly.

Call us at 800-538-3848 for more information on Nortel Computer Telephony Integration.
Meridian Norstar MICS 0x32 phone cabinet NT7B53

The Nortel Norstar MICS phone system cabinet (NT7B53) - or Modular Integrated Communications System is a good fit for you if you're looking for a reliable, feature-rich business phone system that is expandable. MICS supports up to 24 incoming lines and up to 274 extensions.

The Norstar MICS is produced by Nortel, one of the world's leading telecommunications manufacturers. Well built and reliable, the ICS line of business phone systems have a tested mean time between failure (MTBF) rate of approximately 100 years.

Nortel MICS Accessories

Desktop and Mobile Phones | Voicemail and Unified Messaging Options | VoIP Support | Call Center | CTI

Norstar MICS Expansion Possibilities Norstar MICS Accessories:

The Norstar MICS is the hub of your phone system. Its strength is its ability to connect a variety of equipment and integrate all of the various functions each provides.

Note - some supported features such as Caller ID require you to purchase the service from your local telecom company.
Norstar Business Phones

Your perception of your phone system is mainly based on how much you like your telephones. The Norstar MICS offers four user-friendly desktop phones, one mobile phone, a conference Norstar T-Series Business Phones for ICSunit and a doorphone.

The T-series Norstar desktop business phones come in charcoal and platinum color options. The conference phone and the Companion mobile phone are available only in charcoal.

Click here for more information on Norstar business phones.
Voicemail and Unified Messaging

The CallPilot 100 (also known as the Messaging 100) and the CallPilot 150 (also known as the Messaging 150) integrate with your Norstar MICS to provide Auto Attendant, Customer Call Routing (CCR), Voice Mail, VPIM/AMIS Networking, Basic Call Center (Key-code activation), Web-based management, and IP connectivity. The CallPilot 150 also includes a unified messaging solution for your Norstar ICS phone system.

Click on the links for more information on the CallPilot 100 and CallPilot 150.
Norstar VoIP Gateway

The Norstar VoIP Gateway allows you to use your existing company LAN or WAN to transport voice and fax traffic among locations. Take advantage of the productivity advantages and cost savings of Voice over IP (VoIP).

Click on the link for more information on the Norstar VoIP Gateway.

Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions from Nortel Norstar Automatic Call Distribution systems use digital technology to provide full integration of Norstar telephone sets and reduce the number of ports required. Supporting from 2 to 120 lines, and 2 to 80 agents, Norstar Automatic Call Distribution provides call center solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Norstar Call Center software is available as an add-on to the CallPilot 100 and is included in the CallPilot 150 (Key-code activation required).

Call us at
800-538-3848 for more information on Norstar Call Center solutions.
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